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Get rewarded for sharing your experience

Scouts participate in engaging research “missions,” get paid for their feedback, and help shape the products and services they love.

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Turn your opinions into a catalyst for change, and get rewarded for your ideas

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Complete fun missions. Share your perspective. Profit.

Scouts' insights help some of the world’s best companies solve tough problems. Here's how it works...

Complete missions

Show off your unique perspective by completing missions. Be involved with research that’s fun. You’ll be completing tasks—not typing out essays

Share Photos and Videos

Participate remotely—through your smartphone, and on your schedule. You’ll answer multiple choice, short answer, photo and video questions.

Influence Top Brands

Use your experiences to influence leading brands. Get an early look at what innovative companies are building, by being a part of the process.

Get Rewarded

Get paid — handsomely. dscout has rewarded scouts over $7M so far, and pays promptly with Paypal.

A few reasons people love being scouts

Joyce P., Hudson, WI.

"My son and I both recommend dscout. For people who need a little extra income here or there, it’s easy to start and you can do it on your own pace."

Caroline S., The Bronx, NY

"dscout funds the things in my life that otherwise I wouldn’t have money for. You can do the missions from anywhere, and you can apply for whatever you want. It’s such an easy way to make extra cash and also to learn about yourself. "

Steph D., Chester, NJ

"I love dscout. It’s such a great platform to have your voice be heard. dscout offers me the chance to funnel some positive feedback back to brands to try to make our world better."

JJ F., Fairfax, VA

"I like that dscout doesn’t even feel like I’m working, like I’m just chatting with a friend about my day. There’s just so many different missions you can do on dscout. You’re giving advice to companies that need help, and it’s actually fun, too."

Example opportunities

Entertainment and You

What do you do to stay entertained? In this opportunity, you'll tell us all about what you reach for when it comes to entertainment. Selected scouts will participate in a 6-part mission to earn $100, with an opportunity to participate in a follow-up interview to earn $100.


Let's Talk Health

We want to learn more about your health and how you manage it!

To apply, answer a few questions and record a quick video. Selected scouts will participate in a Live interview and earn $75.


Coffee Time

For some people, coffee is a critical part of life, for others it is just a nice pick me up. We're interested in learning about how often you drink coffee, how you get it, and how your coffee routine makes you feel.

Take a few minutes to provide your perspective and earn a $2 reward!

Ready to make a difference?

Use your voice to make the brands you love better.