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Confidently Shop for Your Next Experience Research Tool

Find an Experience Research Platform that helps you and your team stay on top of initiatives, engage the wider organization, and drive impact.

Join your next demo call equipped with a list of 25 questions to ask potential EXR providers inside A Buyer's Guide to Experience Research Platforms.

Ask the right questions and use your time and budget wisely

In A Buyer's Guide to Experience Research Platforms, we walk through what capabilities to look for in an EXR tool to ensure your provider can support you throughout the entire research process.

Inside the guide, we break down key areas of consideration...

Recruitment and fielding

How do I choose my participants? Can I auto-recruit? Can I run moderated and unmoderated research? What about methods like usability testing?

A great EXR provider helps you recruit the right participants for your project and can accommodate a range of research methods.

Management and analysis

How are incentives processed? Is there video/audio transcription? What analysis capabilities do I have?

Questions like these can help you determine which tools can accelerate your reporting and allow you to spend more time telling the story behind the data.

Collaboration and shareouts

Can stakeholders view the sessions? Can the team discuss entries within the platform?

Ask potential providers what account access is available and how insights can be shared. Allowing other colleagues to see and hear from real customers can help spread empathy across the entire org.

Support and security

When and how can I access support? Where is data stored? Has the tool earned any certifications?

Make sure your provider not only has your back but has your participants' backs by keeping their information secure.

“The cost of inaction related to designing product experiences could be as much as a 10% loss in revenue growth potential.”

- The McKinsey Quarterly, The Business Value of Design

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