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dscout is a magnet for people who nerd out about people, from perceptive research advisors and agile developers to bold designers and inspired business builders. We are united by our passion to help organizations see and feel how people experience their brands, products or services in the everyday moments that matter.

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What are People Nerds?

If you are one, you already know: People Nerds are thoughtful and curious about what makes people do as they do. Whether our individual expertise is research or engineering or design, accounting or product, we believe the world is a better place each time an organization gains broader and deeper understanding of the thoughts and behaviors of real people.

Our Mission

It's hard — very hard — to consistently understand what people are experiencing in the moments that matter. It's even harder to know how to apply those insights when you get them. Our mission is to change that. At dscout, we help customer-obsessed companies see and feel how people experience their products and services in everyday moments that matter.

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