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Your Competitive Analysis Template

Use this plug-and-play spreadsheet to approach competitive analysis like a user researcher!

Bring together different modalities like generative research and heuristic evaluations to paint a clear picture about the competition.

Complete with sample budget

How many participants will you need, and what will the expenses be for tools and hiring? Our sample budget breaks it down piece by piece.

What you'll find inside

✔ Define your goals

Before you start your competitive analysis, make sure that you're clear on the goals and approaches within your study.

✔ Choose your competitors

Decide which direct or indirect competitors make the most sense to compare.

✔ Zero in on pain points

Methodically fill in the pain points your customers frequently face.

✔ Calculate user centricity score

From a scale of -100 to +100, understand your score based on varying data points.

“I created a template that gives you a place to store this information in a spreadsheet. From there, you can build a deck that discusses your competitors' products and experiences and what improvements you need to make to support your users better.”

Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Founder, User Research Academy