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A bit about dscout

dscout is an in-context research platform for surfacing in-the-moment user insights. Its flexible suite of tools (Recruit, Diary, Live and Express) enables designers, researchers and insights professionals to conduct "fieldwork from the office” and get valuable user feedback to make products and experiences better.

Use dscout to screen from a 100,000+ pool of participants, host seamless user interviews, collect in-the-moment responses over time, and solicit media-rich survey data at scale.

Try dscout out for yourself

Get free Live with your first dscout project!

We believe the most impactful design and user experience starts with a foundation of user feedback.

dscout is offering DesignConf 2021 attendees a way to harness our user research platform to get the insights you need to design for user-centricity.

Get free access to dscout Live, built for moderated research interviews, with your first dscout project (a $1500 value).

Just let us know what you're interested in and we'll work with you to build a project that meets your research needs.

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