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Demystifying AI

The New Properties of GenAI (and How to Study Them)

Ready or not, GenAI is here to stay. So what role should research play in the development of its products?

It all starts with asking "how?" In every facet of your work. We break down how to approach this paradigm shifting development.

What makes GenAI different

Unlike other recent technologies, GenAI is an unknown variable without a guaranteed particular outcome. We still don't fully understand its implications, or what future models will look like. Understanding this is the first step to engaging with GenAI.

What you'll find inside

Responsible use cases

Learn how to keep organizations accountable and explore use cases that are effective and consider ethics.

Tactics for thoughtful approach

Figure out how to explore the tools available, conduct foundational and exploratory research, and assess the risks.

Tips to build and maintain trust

Think about how to measure success while maintaining brand trust overall—because the old metrics for product success just won't cut it anymore.

Social and emotional considerations

How do you keep GenAI feeling useful and friendly without being creepy or invasive? Thinking about what boundaries and sensitivity look like are crucial.

"UXRs are trained to see the world through the end user lens and trained to make teams confront some of their core assumptions and challenges. These skills are most valuable in times of technology transition when we are all on the steepest part of the curve.”

- Michael Winnick
CEO, dscout