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Built with the researcher-specific features you need to conduct better user interviews

Truly in-context, remote one-on-ones

Want a screen-shared tour of someone’s app usage? An in-the-moment look at how they shop via their mobile phone? To have them navigate your website (and chat with you about it) via their desktop browser? You can “be there” from anywhere with Live.

Reliable, distraction-free, interviewing

Give your participants your undivided attention. Record, embed stim, invite observers, take notes, and share screens without toggling through tabs, troubleshooting tech hiccups, or hassling with third-party apps.

Less time on logistics, more time with your data

Cut down on participant back-and-forth with hassle-free scheduling and in-platform chat. Cut right to the moments that matter by isolating clips, or jumping to highlights in the interactive video and transcript timeline.

dscout in Action

Demand more from your interviewing tool. Try dscout Live.

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