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Lookback vs. dscout

Research that helps you move forward vs. look back

Don’t settle for a tool that requires you to patch together other tools in order to run the research you need. dscout’s full research platform helps you collect and generate robust insights that propel your business forward.

Why people choose dscout over Lookback

Your users or ours

Our participants are hand-picked and ready to go. No need to wait for people to come to you or pay for third-party panels. Going beyond your own users leads to more impactful research.

Research flexibility

Don’t settle for surface-level insights with a limited tool. Design the studies you need spanning foundational, generative, and evaluative methods tailored to your objectives.

Analysis made easy

Transcriptions are great, but analyzing hours and hours of them can be a pain. Whether you have ample timeline or tight deadlines, dscout makes it easy to identify trends and extract actionable insights.

Ease of use

Participants are the fuel to your research. And poor usability from your research tool can push them away before they even start testing your usability. dscout makes it easier for participants to share their thoughts.

Don’t take our word for it

“dscout allowed us to really effectively track where our users go and helped us to better understand their experience outside the app. They're able to record their screen and upload what they do—versus being constrained to a specific prototype or application—which was so powerful for us.”

“The platform is really easy to navigate, and facilitates quick research insights when needed! The dscout advisors are also available to support where needed. Overall, I and my research team have found dscout to be a great tool for executing research!”

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Core capabilities list

dscout’s experience research helps you capture high-quality human insights from in-context moments with the industry’s most flexible and powerful research tools.

Core capabilities

dscout vs. Lookback

Vetted, high-quality participants that provide genuine responses

Single platform that supports foundational, generative, and evaluative studies

Built-in video capabilities such as live videos, 1-on-1 interviews, video recordings, video editing and playlist builder

Support for unmoderated and moderated studies

Integrated survey design and deployment tools

Friendly, intuitive user interface

Dedicated research advisor and account manager to provide support for designing, programming, reviewing, onboarding, fieldwork management, and incentive processing

Easy-to-use and accurate data analysis features (visualizations, transcriptions, and exports) that don’t require extra work

Collaboration features to easily involve stakeholders throughout the entire process, from designing studies to analyzing results

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