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Maze vs. dscout

Maze is for testing. dscout is for research.

Supercharge your research with dscout—leverage the full spectrum of Foundational, Generative, and Evaluative research. Don't settle for Maze's testing-only approach.

Why people choose dscout over Maze

Participant quality

Our participants are so much more than testers. Scouts are real, vetted people ready to provide in-depth, authentic insights, leading to more impactful research.

Research flexibility

Expand your UX research beyond usability and prototyping. Design custom studies spanning foundational, generative, and evaluative methods tailored to your research objectives.

Quant and qual insights

Numbers only scratch the surface. Take advantage of dscout’s mixed method platform to combine quantitative and qualitative insights to tell the full research story.

Don’t take our word for it

“dscout's 'scout' panel made it easier to get to know our participants before choosing them. It was so helpful since we were looking for people new to mindfulness and meditation, and those who showed genuine interest in Headspace.”

“The best thing about dscout is how simple they make the user research process. From recruiting, analyzing, synthesizing, and reporting out research, I think dscout is a must-have for all UX researchers.”

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Core capabilities list

dscout’s experience research helps you capture high-quality human insights from in-context moments with the industry’s most flexible and powerful research tools.

Core capabilities

dscout vs. Maze

Vetted, high-quality participants that provide genuine responses

Single platform that supports foundational, generative, and evaluative studies

Video screeners to identify participant quality before your research starts (AKA participant audition tape)

Built in moderated, live videos capabilities with automated participant management and scheduling

Support for usability testing

Customizable participant incentives

Easy role-based management to assign new users and seats

Dedicated research advisor and account manager to provide support for designing, programming, reviewing, onboarding, fieldwork management, and incentive processing

Easy-to-use and accurate data analysis features (visualizations, transcriptions, and exports) that don’t require extra work

Collaboration features to easily involve stakeholders throughout the entire process, from designing studies to analyzing results

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