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Turn your opinions into earnings

Penny for your thoughts? Earn a few quid instead.

Influence some of your favourite everyday brands by sharing your insights. Join online projects, easily share your experiences, and earn at your convenience.

Influence everyday brands

Why people take part in research projects on dscout

dscout gives you a real opportunity to help someone and get paid for it. I've had some really great opportunities where I got to work on a future product or give feedback on designs, and I think that you get a real sense of having helped make something better.

Dundee, Scotland

dscout is a great way to share your experiences and earn rewards from doing so. It doesn’t matter about your expertise, there is an interview or survey for everyone of every background. The interface is sleek and easy to use, I can’t recommend it enough.

Liverpool, England

The surveys have been really interesting about products I actually use so it’s been nice to give my feedback. The rewards are great compared to other apps—a genuine recognition of the effort that you put in.

Dundee, Scotland

With dscout you're using video to communicate a lot of the time which feels quite personable and allows you to really articulate your thoughts. It feels more exciting than other market research that’s more survey based. I've interacted with some really interesting brands and done some great projects.

Colchester, England

Make a splash, get paid.

Why become a Scout?

Make a proper difference

Companies want to craft products that meet real needs, counting on your honest feedback to steer their choices. Genuine researchers will take on board your thoughts and relay them to their teams.

Explore new developments

Depending on the study, you might test apps, have a wander through retail environments, or assess prototypes. You'll get a sneak peek behind the curtains to see how products are developed, ensuring your opinions are taken into account before they hit the high-street.

Earn flexibly

dscout is a remote research platform, letting you earn cash whether you’re at home or out and about. Earn on your own terms, with projects paying out varying sums depending on their specific needs and the time you put in.

How does dscout work?

Apply for projects

Explore a range of research projects termed "missions" and apply to those where your skills, interests, and experience are a strong match.

Have your say

Once you're selected for the mission, the researcher will provide you with a series of questions to respond to or tasks to accomplish. Depending on the mission's requirements, these may be completed on your own or may require a scheduled meeting with the researcher.

Pocket your earnings

Upon completion of all your assigned tasks, you will receive payment from the researcher via your PayPal account and be able to track your earnings directly in the app.

Influence everyday brands

Once you've completed your mission, the researcher will share your thoughts with their wider team. Your feedback could shape their prototypes, product development, or forthcoming projects, and help them provide top-quality offerings that truly resonate with people like you.

Ready to kick things off?

Select from a variety of projects

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Discover a plethora of opportunities

Collaborate with researchers in imaginative and compelling ways. dscout delivers more than mere standard surveys, offering unique opportunities like interviews, retail store visits, website assessments, and much more.

Collaborate with familiar and beloved brands

Connect with premier brands and directly shape their products and services. Unlike ordinary surveys where your input appears to vanish, with dscout, you'll witness the tangible effects of your contributions.

Be well-compensated for your time

The more extensive the task, the larger your remuneration will be. Whether you're looking for a short-term commitment or in-depth interviews, your time will be properly rewarded.

Know precisely what you are committing to in advance

Prior to committing to a mission, receive a comprehensive preview of the tasks involved, an estimate of the time required, and the remuneration you can anticipate.

Ready to begin?

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