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Introducing New Assisted Projects

A new bundle of research services from dscout helps support your research needs.

Words by Kari Dean McCarthy

dscout is excited to introduce a new offering we’re calling Assisted Projects, which adds a package of research services to our research platform. We’ve always supported our platform users with robust research support. These new Assisted Projects add research support services that are most requested by our customers. With collaboration and support from a research advisor, customers can realize all the flexibility, speed and ease of data collection possible on the dscout platform, while also gaining access to our pool of research participants.

Assisted Projects

Depending on your specific project needs, an Assisted Project gives you access to the tools within the dscout platform and adds research services from one of our expert advisors, including any of the following:

  • recruiting and screening from our pool of 100K+ scouts (or bring your own participants)
  • designing and programming projects and managing scouts
  • paying incentives
  • support with research and technical questions via email or phone
  • customized pricing according to the scope of your project and the blend of research services you require

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These new Assisted Projects give customers a deeper level of service where we’ve seen it requested most:

  • You’re new to dscout. Tap our expertise to recruit, field and set-up your analysis.
  • You’re trying a new research methodology on dscout. We’ve supported thousands of projects of every conceivable approach on our platform. Tell us what you’re aiming for, and we’ll get you there.
  • You have a complex project: a larger scope, a complicated set of requirements, or just a whole lot of scouts. Bring a dscout research advisor on board to help navigate.
  • You’re running low on time or internal resources. Outsource the recruiting and scout management details to a dscout research advisor, so you can focus on the big picture.


With DIY Projects you can still access the dscout Pro Platform to quickly build, field, analyze and share your study, and launch missions with your own participants. To access the scout pool beginning December 15, researchers will need to launch an assisted project, enterprise subscription, or consulting project.

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