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Leading research: where it is and where it's going

dscout is conducting a study on Research Leaders to better understand what it’s like to grow and manage a UX research practice today.

dscout is conducting a study on Research Leaders to better understand what it’s like to grow and manage a user research practice today. We’re interested in questions like how leaders address scaling their teams, influencing their stakeholders and leveraging new tools and methodologies.

More specifically, the goals of this project are to learn about:

  • The challenges and opportunities research leaders face in disseminating insights across their organizations and having those insights acted upon

  • The mix of tools and methodologies research leaders rely on

  • The challenges research leaders face in scaling and structuring their teams

  • The trends and trajectories research leaders see developing in the UX field

  • What drives and inspires research leaders today

We’re looking to talk to folks leading research teams of 5 or more people. You’ll participate in a one-hour interview with senior researchers from our team, after which you’ll be invited to an exclusive dinner with your peers (in your city or at an industry conference) to continue the conversation. You’ll also be given access to our project’s final conclusions.

We expect to conduct one-on-one interviews over the next 4-6 weeks (February/early March), then schedule group dinners in numerous cities in April/May.

We’re excited about this opportunity for research leaders to come together to share ideas, exchange questions and discuss best practices. We hope you are, too!  

If you haven’t already been invited to our study and you’d like to participate, please email peoplenerds@dscout.com and tell us a bit about your team and research experience to be considered!

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As dscout’s head of marketing, Cam is in charge of making sure the world knows about dscout. The former Threadless CMO also has a penchant for cool t-shirts.

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