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dscout enterprise delivers unlimited access, exclusive features and dedicated support to pursue all the research you’ve ever imagined.

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Unlimited screeners and missions

All the screeners, missions, and scouts you need to do all the research you’ve always wanted to do.
Dive deep with your competitors, your clients or customers, UX and CX, employee experience...
...all of it.

Guidance, flexibility and enterprise-only features


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Dedicated research advisors

Expand your team’s resources with contracted
hours of dedicated support from the same
professional dscout researchers who launch big
projects with our biggest clients.

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Consulting and training package

Whether you prefer education or collaboration,
on-site or off, you decide what your organization
needs. Methodology workshops, expanded training or project consultation: The time is yours.

Enterprise features

Social missions -- it’s like mobile focus groups

Social missions -- it’s like mobile focus groups

Get insights that only arise in a social setting---
without spending a month on the road. Connect a group of scouts. Interact or engage
-- or present your topic, and be a fly on the digital wall.

Enterprise grade security

Enterprise-grade security

Security starts with single sign-on (SSO) authentication, but it doesn’t end there.
Subscription customers also benefit from master service agreements, full
encryption data at rest, and an enterprise SLA.

Custom branded missions

Custom branding

Only enterprise customers get the option to customize their brand’s
appearance in missions and screeners with a logo, hero image, company name and
description, brand color, and URL.

Unlimited text analytics

Unlimited text analytics

Soon dscout enterprise users can automatically quantify video and
text content from every scout. Researchers can more easily identify themes, sentiment, and coding frameworks.


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Fast-track your
next research project.

A subscription for unlimited projects avoids
the logjams and bottlenecks of SOWs,
budget allocations or project approvals.
Do what you want, when you want to do it.

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Incentive management
and transcription

These services are already part of dscout Pro.
But when you’re running dozens of projects,
you’ll find exponential value in the time, money,
and hassle you save.

Where do you fit?

Complex research teams

Got a big team? Get your organization
an unprecedented level of user
understanding by delving into all the
moments that matter.

Lean research teams

Need a force multiplier? Make ongoing
research affordable--for the price of a
round of focus groups. Expand your
capacity, flexibility...and your internal influence.

Research-centric agencies

Win new business. Quickly discover
insights for your next client, or add
progressive mobile research to your
menu of billable opportunities.

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