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I tried the prototype and I suggest that the swiping function to go from my feed to my account can get tiresome. And I’m not sure what would happen to my data if I shared photos with the app. I really appreciate how easy it seems to take a photo and send it. I wish that the product would have would emphazised security more.

Liz B
Los Angeles, CA


  • Ozlo
  • Threadless
  • Airbnb
  • Sprint helped us validate many of our hypotheses with real users in a matter of days across all demographics. It was addicting to refresh the dashboard and see the new videos come in!
    Johnny Xu Johnny Xu
    Product Manager
    @Ozlo App
  • Sprint saved us from overthinking our product decisions. It enabled us to get answers from real-world users as to what was most important to them.
    Billy Carlson Billy Carlson
    Director of UX
  • Sprint simplifies gathering feedback beautifully. It's as easy as it sounds and helped our team quickly find big gaps in our product that needed to be filled.
    Kevin Wong Kevin Wong
    Design Manager

Feedback you can launch, gather,
 and share in 24 hours

It takes 5 minutes to launch a project. You’ll choose your target demographics and can customize your two video questions.

Feedback you can launch, gather,
 and share in 24 hours

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Discover whether your designs
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Discover whether your designs
 live up to user expectations

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Videos designed for quick analysis 
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Each user responds to two, 30-second video questions about your product. One gives high-level feedback, and the other gets into specific details.

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