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SiriusXM's Success with the Creative Matrix Method

The creative matrix method is a great ideation approach, especially if you want to generate a high volume of ideas for a future product roadmap.

This asset goes over how to effectively prepare for and run a creative matrix workshop, then use affinity mapping and research insights to chart a path forward.

Gain stakeholder buy-in with a creative matrix workshop

Looking for an effective way to generate ideas for product roadmaps? Learn how SiriusXM successfully used creative matrix workshops to drive product innovation.

Get your team’s creative juices flowing with the creative matrix method

✔ Prepare the workshop to hit strategic goals

Before pulling together workshop materials, look at existing foundational user research, business goals, and product strategy as the foundation for the workshop.

✔ Try the creative matrix method for ideation

This method is effective in generating a high volume of ideas by allowing participants to think across different user segments and product strategy.

✔ Use affinity mapping for analysis

After the workshop, use affinity mapping to organize and make sense of the ideas generated.

✔ Incorporate business and user research insights

Cross-reference the ideas generated in the workshop with existing user research and business strategy.

“Use the workshop as a learning opportunity and be open to refining the approach based on outcomes and feedback. The first attempt will help improve the process the next time around. Ideally, it will also lay the groundwork for future collaborations across teams.”

Laura Oxenfeld

UXR, SiriusXM