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Test my prototype

Test your Figma prototypes with dscout

See and hear what 3 verified participants think about your digital experience.

How it works

Our Figma prototype usability test mission provides you with 3 videos from real people sharing their first impression of your brand's digital experience.

Add your prototype URL

All you need to do is share your Figma prototype for your one-time test.

We’ll launch a mission

Our team of in-house researchers will launch a research project and share those findings with you, fast.

You’ll get a highlight reel

You'll get 3 videos from 3 verified Scouts providing their first impressions of your Figma prototype.

Circulate your insights

Share with your team to take action or secure buy-in to help support important business outcomes.

Real humans, real insights

“I love that dscout enables me to do research efficiently and with a really high quality panel. Responses are always thoughtful and enthusiastic.”

Whitney Paul
Brand Research Lead

You’ll be be able to turn these insights into ​“aha” moments

Uncover the steps consumers take

See how users interact with your digital experiences and their expectations while on the customer journey.

Gain a better understanding

Identify unmet needs by listening to customers in their own voice to develop solutions that propel your competitive advantage.

Uncover what drives behavior

Understand how consumers view and perceive your brand and what shapes their precipitation.

Gain a competitive advantage

Learn how customers feel about competitors and what you can do to keep a competitive edge.

Quickly hear what your customers think—run a test for free