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Oliver Kastner

“Getting kids to speak freely about things on their own time and in their own language can be a challenge, and that’s why we paired dscout’s mobile ethnographic approach with in-home interviews.”

– Oliver Kastner, Eclipse Experience
Eclipse Experience for Doncaster Council

Using dscout Diary for quantitative research, Eclipse Experience helped Doncaster, England better understand community needs.

Eclipse Experience is a research and design firm helping organizations change people’s lives through human-centered insights.

They used dscout to guide the city council of Doncaster—a working-class city north of London wanting to better understand the day-to-day lives of teens and families and provide services that meet the needs of the community.

Incorporating mobile ethnography through dscout Diary encouraged teenage participants to speak freely—on their own time, in their own language, and in their actual environment. These in-context insights, used in conjunction with existing quantitative research, transformed the city council’s picture of daily life or at-risk households.

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