Practice ethnography at scale with an agency subscription to dscout

Ann Pistacchi Peck

“Participants are so much less self-conscious on dscout. They’re hanging out and talking to you, and they’re getting super real. My clients are amazed—they can’t get over the fact that people will do this.”

– Ann Pistacchi-Peck, Design Research Lead

Empathy leverages a dscout subscription for triangulation, quickly sourcing the right participants and capturing key moments at scale.

Empathy is a human-centered design agency that helps clients immerse themselves into the lives of their customers.

The New-Zealand-based agency uses dscout locally and to scale in-person research to the United States. 

Though the Empathy team would love to be in the field internationally all the time, dscout reduces research costs while providing candid looks into the real lives of its target audience.

Often projects start with an in-person trip to connect with some participants in person, in the environments being studied—then leverage dscout to see the longitudinal moments that happen over weeks in people’s actual, lived environments.

They’re able to triangulate these moments alongside ethnographic immersions and deep-dive conversations, while saving on the expenses of international in-person ethnography with a dscout subscription.

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