Insights from the eye of the storm

David Odonnell

“We’d recruited scouts in the path of Hurricane Irma before it made landfall. We were simultaneously watching reports from scouts come in at the same time as we were seeing events unfold on the news.”

– David O’Donnell, Director, Strategic Innovation
Salesforce Ignite

Salesforce Ignite utilized dscout Diary and Recruit to determine app user needs by getting feedback from scouts in the eye of a storm.

Ignite is a design thinking and strategy group inside Salesforce. They worked with to develop technology that helps people in real-time danger find paths to safety.

As hurricanes Harvey and Irma appeared in the forecast, the teams quickly created dscout missions and recruited people actually experiencing the hurricanes. Through the research, they were able to get a concrete understanding of what people need during a disaster. This feedback confirmed the need, challenges, and business opportunity behind Beacon—which shares government disaster intelligence with people affected, including potential evacuation routes. 

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