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The CHANGE Canvas: A Plug-and-Play Brag Sheet for Your Research Accomplishments

It's one thing to talk about your research results—it's another to fully and persuasively demonstrate them.

This canvas creates a tangible artifact for describing, visualizing, and assessing your achievements all in one place.

Quality formatting and content

Use this straightforward template to demonstrate what you're capable of.

Bring together all your biggest research accomplishments in one place, with a persuasive and dynamic format.

What's inside...

✔ Keep your research from being shelved

Articulate impacts to your leader, get credit for your work, and take your career to the next level.

✔ Leverage your canvas at the right moments

Use its contents as a tool to ground conversations, frequently refer back to, and add to over time.

✔ Ask yourself motivating questions

Learn how to tell the right stories that help your accomplishments shine.

✔ Update as needed

This format makes it easy to continually update your CHANGE Canvas to keep up with your career.

"It’s one thing to be a great researcher who provides invaluable insights and contributions to a’s another thing entirely if your work never sees the light of day or doesn’t inform important decisions being made (at all levels)."

Devin Harold

Sr. Manager—Head of UX Research for Consumer Digital Channels at Verizon