The Studio

When the world’s most innovative companies need deep insight into their critical questions, they turn to The Studio for context.

Why us?

  1. Premium Expertise

    Benefit from The Studio’s collective experience running hundreds of missions with thousands of participants on dscout's contextual research platform.

  2. Rigor & Scale

    We’re well versed in working with large sample sizes, statistical analysis, and complex research designs including international fieldwork, through the dscout platform.

  3. Mixed Methods

    We mix remote methodologies with one-on-ones, in-person fieldwork, and other forms of research, guiding you on how to assemble the right tools for the objectives at hand.

  4. Impactful Storytelling

    Great work requires more than reading out what people say. It requires a level of interpretation and polish that our customers rely on to ensure maximum impact.

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What is The Studio

A dedicated team of researchers, social scientists, designers and storytellers with deep expertise in translating contextual observations into insights, and a shared passion for applying new tools to human understanding.

Opportunity Framing

Great opportunities begin with a fundamental understanding of people and their context, not with a specific product idea. Teams rely on us to help them paint this picture, moving from vague notions of possibility to a concrete, crystallized understanding of needs.

Opportunity Framing
In-Context Product Validation and Feedback

In-Context Product Validation and Feedback

Things have a habit of changing when they move from the drawing board to reality. Some products blossom, but many need work to “fit” in the context of real people’s lives. The Studio has deep experience designing and managing pilots, and conducting competitive analysis of critical new products.

Agile Communities

Modern research doesn’t always have the luxury of stable objectives and long lead times. The Studio’s agile communities harness the power of dscout’s platform and enable you to work on a set of evolving topics without fixed timelines and rigid objectives.

Agile Communities

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