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10 Tips for Implementing Continuous Discovery Research

The practice continuous discovery is an excellent way to get regular feedback from your users and customers.

But getting started with the process—and embedding it into your product team’s regular cadence—might feel like a tall order.

Read through highlights from an interview with Aura Nelson, who spearheaded this initiative at KEEN. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of where to start.

Build deeper connections with customers

Implementing a continuous discovery practice really puts your users’ insights front and center on a rolling basis.

By getting regular feedback and keeping your pulse on user sentiment, you’ll have the capability to set your product or service apart from competitors.

What's inside...

✔ Engage leaders across departments

Make an effort to bring interdepartmental leaders into the fold and share what impact it will have over time.

✔ Continuously refine your strategies

Take a look at what’s working and what isn’t, then come up with solutions for improvement.

✔ Don’t be afraid to get eclectic

Consider alternative opinions and perceptions from users that could enhance your insights.

✔ Start small and scale over time

Implementing continuous discovery isn’t done overnight. It’s okay to start small and iterate.

"Teresa Torres has a quote: 'Continuous discovery is for product people who want to build products that their customers need and love.' And I think with insights being such a critical part of building products that actually solve needs for our fans and our consumers, continuous discovery is for everyone."

Aura Nelson

Director of Fan (Customer) Insights, KEEN