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Run efficient, impact-driving usability tests with dscout

Understand your users, validate prototypes, test concepts, and optimize live products on your timeline with dscout.

Trusted by top brands worldwide, including:

Streamline your work and usability test in one place

Recruit + field in minutes

Run usability tests for prototypes, websites, and live products in one platform. dscout’s intuitive, centralized UI makes research design fast and easy so you can spend less time programming and more time gathering insights.

In-the-moment AHA moments

Learn more about user behaviors and gather key metrics by automatically capturing time-on-task analysis, heat maps, click tracking, and continuous recording of the screen and (optionally) the person behind it.

Reduce hours of analysis

dscout makes analysis easy by simplifying manual tasks. Our easy-to-use tags, automated session transcripts, clip highlights, custom filters, playlist builder, and export capabilities streamline the analysis process.

Create cross-team collaboration

“All together now.” Whether a Designer is testing a new prototype, a Marketer is conducting an A/B Test, or a Product Manager is validating a user flow, your entire team can dig into the data and discuss key findings within the platform.

See why teams of all sizes and industries use dscout

“Working with dscout is just much better than UserTesting. Creating the mission was very easy and I like the interface. Plus, the scouts are really good.”

Mary Mascari
UX Researcher

Flexible methods. Actionable Insights.

Get a pulse check and see how customers are using your product before making expensive updates. With dscout’s full suite of flexible research tools, you can get critical feedback within hours.

Concept testing

Save valuable time and resources by gathering feedback from real users on ideas and concepts before starting the design process.

Prototype testing

Use heat heat maps and task-based metrics to capture early feedback on accessibility and user experience to gain valuable insights about your users and designs.

Website testing

Gather insights about how users experience your website to easily identify and solve for points of friction in the user journey.

In-product testing

Conduct usability tests on products already in use to identify opportunities to improve or enhance the user experience.

Why use dscout to run usability research?

Gather quality, secure insights in a matter of hours, and give your organization more time to create user-centric products.

Consolidate tools and cut costs.

Remove the hassle and miscommunications that come with switching between platforms.

Run all of your foundational, generative, and evaluative research on dscout.

Find the right participants, right away.

Handpick or auto-select the right participants for your project.

With dscout, you’ll have access to our panel of 100k+ quality, engaged participants.

Need to gather insights from specific users? Easily invite your own panel to a project.

Need to bounce ideas off someone? We’ve got your back.

Whether your question is about product features or study design—our success team can help.

Your designated research advisor can offer research advice, help determine the right method, or tackle any technical challenges.

Data? Secured.

Trust that your data is safe with our GDPR and CCPA, ISO27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, and HITRUST certifications.

And when it comes to security, we mean business. Our platform, processes, and agreements have also been reviewed by the world’s most security-focused companies.

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