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User Research Budget Calculator and Proposal Template

Making a user research budget for your team isn't fun, but it definitely is necessary.

Not properly budgeting for a project can result in having to cut corners or even cut a research project short.

How do you know that you've got everything in order? This budget proposal and calculator template will have you covered.

A stress-free place to start

Even if you've never made a budget before, this easy breakdown will help you figure out the best way forward.

What you'll find inside

✔ Budget proposal examples

Check out a sample that includes mission and goals, so your proposal goes beyond just numbers and helps to frame and persuade.

✔ Methodology breakdown

Whether you're conducting generative research or usability testing, the needs of each method may dictate the difference in your planning and budget.

✔ Calculator template

Participants, tools, hiring and scaling—it's all included here.

✔ Strategic and lean budget examples

Check out different examples of what your budget could look like as a helpful template to ensure you're on track.

"Even if you aren't in charge of the budget at your organization, it’s a great practice to think through what your plan and budget would look like. Eventually, that responsibility will come to you!"

Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Founder, UX Academy