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Fall 2023 Product Release Webinar

New in dscout: Usability testing and more

On-Demand Webinar

Join dscout product experts as they share the latest capabilities featured in our Fall 2023 Product Release!

During the webinar you'll have the chance to:

Dive into usability testing on dscout and see all the new features and functionalities that will create more “Aha” moments.

Explore how our new Contributor Seat can help your team collaborate with ease and support democratization goals.

Get the full rundown of our new capabilities and ask the team how they can support your upcoming initiatives.

Meet our product experts

Jonathan Fairman

VP of Product @ dscout

Patrick Hoener

Account Manager @ dscout

Tessa Lathrop

Director of Product @ dscout

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See how our platform can help you elevate your research practice and stay up-to-date on all things dscout.