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Guide: How to Conduct an Effective Card Sort for UX Designers

Card sorting is excellent for UX designers to understand mental models and how people categorize information. It also serves as a way to visualize the skeleton of a project. This guide will help you navigate common card-sorting obstacles and how to identify the best technique for your team.

A Comprehensive Card Sorting Guide for UX Designers

Learn how card sorting can reinvent the way you think about UX design for your next project.

Dive into or get a refresher on the fundamentals and best practices of card sorting

✔ Identifying which card sorting method works best for your needs

Card sorting is an activity in which you give “cards” to a participant and have them order it in a way that makes sense to them.

✔ Recruiting the right people

Ensure that you recruit participants who are representative of the real-life users.

✔ Setting the stage for a successful card sort

Plan for the appropriate amount of time and ensure there is enough space to spread out all of the cards for the participant to see easily.

✔ Analyzing the card sort

Synthesize results to understand patterns that will guide you toward making the best decisions for your customers.

“Card sorting is an excellent method of understanding users’ mental models behind the organization of a website or app. This method can guide you towards making the best decisions on creating a fantastic flow and experience for your customers.”

Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Founder, User Research Academy