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dscout's Spring 2024 Product Update

dscout’s Spring 2024 Product Update is packed with so many new game-changing features and functionalities that will help you capture customer insights across the product lifecycle and expand the influence of research within your organization.

During the session, you’ll hear all about these exciting updates including…

Upcoming enhancements to dscout’s usability testing capabilities

We’re releasing several exciting features in our usability testing tool, including the upcoming release of mobile usability, task success validation, and increased capabilities through dscout’s Figma integration.

Expansion of our panel of research participants

We’ve strengthened our recruiting capabilities to help you find the best participants for your mission, plus additional enhancements to our incentive management for private screeners.

Using highlight reels to make your research come to life

We’ll show you how to create a playlist of highlight reels from your moderated and unmoderated studies. These videos can then be easily shared with partners across your organization to ensure they hear directly from participants.

Meet our speakers

Zack Hanz

Director of Product Marketing
@ dscout

Tessa Lathrop

Director of Product
@ dscout

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