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July 17th at 1PM ET / 10AM PT

dscout's Summer 2024 Product Update

Join dscout product leaders on July 17th for dscout’s Summer 2024 Product Update. During this live session, you'll hear all about new game-changing features and functionalities, including dscout's AI Analysis tool, Team Workspaces, updates to card sort, and more.

During the session, you’ll hear all about these exciting updates including…

Using our soon-to-be-released AI analysis tool to work smarter

dscout's AI feature works with you (not in place of you) to break the trade-off between speed and quality, providing additional support so you can focus on the value work, not the busy work.

The launch of Team Workspaces

Team Workspaces can help you to effortlessly create distinct dscout environments, aligning them with specific research areas or dedicated cost centers.

Upcoming enhancements to dscout’s platform

We’re releasing highly-anticipated updates including open and hybrid card sort, question groups, enhancements to mobile usability, and more.

Collaborative interviews with stakeholders

Researchers, designers, product managers, and others often benefit from being in “the room where it happens.” We’ll showcase dscout’s various options for how to involve stakeholders to see how users react to their concepts and prototypes firsthand

Meet our speakers

Zack Hanz

Director of Product Marketing
@ dscout

Lauren Madura

Director of Product Design
@ dscout

Nathan Reiff

User Experience Researcher, Artificial Intelligence
@ dscout

Elizabeth Allen

Senior Product Manager
@ dscout

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