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Upcoming live: Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 11:00 AM CT

Webinar: Meet the Express tool

Imagine the scale and speed of a survey blended with the richness of video data. That’s dscout Express, which is available on your subscription today.

Join our webinar to learn key features, use cases, and how to get started.

Why AirBnB chose Express...

“We really needed quick and punchy content to engage our team and help them focus. So for us, this meant prioritizing succinct video clips, and other really engaging formats that would hold people's attentions in order to deliver our insights for maximum impact.”

Bridgette Black
Experience Researcher @AirBnB

Invest a little, learn a lot

Clarify pre-sprint unknowns or stay dialed in on trends

Democratization engine

Design guardrails to help empower stakeholders

Streamlined ops

First-party, customizable recruitment and automated payments


Target, recruit, field, analyze, compile, and share from a single view

Save your spot