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April 16th | 11am ET/4pm BST

How Vodafone Ties Research Initiatives to Business Goals

In this live webinar, Vodafone researchers will walk through how their work directly informs investment. Learn the team's process for regularly asking and answering, "Are we building the right thing?" and subsequently, "Are we building that thing right?" And see how they've aligned their insights to product strategy with dscout.

During the webinar, you will..

Understand the team's approach to running research at every stage to de-risk or validate decisions across the entire product development lifecycle

See what skills have moved that "impact needle" for them including, storytelling and shareout design

Hear how they've proved the need for continuous research and set up that ongoing structure

Discover how they use dscout to both pull insights and align findings to Vodafone's organizational goals

Meet our speakers

Colleen Pate Headshot

Colleen Pate

Customer and Community Marketing Manager
@ dscout

Ashton Snook

Head of Product Design & UX Research
@ Vodafone

Georgie Thompson

UX Research Lead
@ Vodafone

Nick Lockey

Lead UX Strategist
@ Vodafone

Can't attend live? No problem—register and we'll send a replay after the webinar ends!