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UX Research Yoga

Grow a stronger and more flexible practice

Research teams create impact and drive value by moving upstream in the product development process, balancing tactical questions with strategic opportunities.

With dscout, recruit, field, analyze, and socialize insights from a single platform, all while injecting empathy, maintaining trust, and turning your customers into evangelists.

Share human insights for each phase of your research


Give your research a north star to guide exploration, persona building, or journey mapping. See how in-the-moment data brings you and your stakeholders to the moments of importance for your customers.


Ideate, co-create, and iterate prototypes or concepts on mobile or desktop. Launch moderated studies for depth of experience or go unmoderated to capture in-the-wild usage moments with screen recording.


Refine, sharpen, and monitor your product ecosystem with quick-turn feedback tools, supplying your stakeholders with customer POVs, highlight reels, or top-line quant readouts to stay ahead of opportunities.

“We got quick signals with all types of data on various stages of the design process. We were able to connect our stakeholders to users throughout the entire product cycle—you can use dscout for a lot of different short activities as well, even just gathering data in the span of one day.”

Lowell Reade
Senior UX Program Manager @ Duolingo

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