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It's time to elevate your remote research practice.

Learn how to better plan for and utilize remote research methods with our Remote Research Crash Course.

What's included in the course

Questions to ask yourself before conducting remote research

Determine whether or not remote research is the right fit for upcoming goals and take a look at two scenarios to determine which would benefit from being remote.

A start-to-finish guide on planning a remote research project

Get advice on the full process starting with questions to ask during the scoping phase, all the way through analyzing results.

Tips and best practices for running unmoderated and/or moderated remote research

Learn the different approaches you can take for each, how they can align with your larger goals, and what considerations to take before trying them remotely.

A step-by-step breakdown on how to scope and run remote research on dscout

See what went into the planning process, what methods were used, how recruitment took place, and more.

Each email also includes a list of exercises to try, methods to explore, and resources to save.

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Feel more confident in conducting remote research and equip yourself with five days of downloadable resources and exercises to keep with you for all upcoming projects.