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Better decisions start with better UX research.

When markets—and budgets—are uncertain, it's more important than ever to understand your customers.

One flexible platform, a whole suite of powerful tools.

Recruit, field, analyze, and socialize with a single subscription. Don't choose between methods—continuously iterate and triangulate your data.

Compare us to the competition:

Recruit real people

Our first-party panel offers controlled vetting of participants so research studies start with the best sample.

A robust toolkit

Design and launch interviews, quick-turn surveys, and longitudinal studies, all from the same platform.

Intuitive, not intricate

Spend more time hearing from your customers and less worrying about instability with our best-in-class tech.

Flexible support services

Support that goes beyond tech help to include collaborative design and analysis strategy.

Instead of having simple well-crafted tools that can all work together, companies are incentivized to create big, bloated all-purpose mega-platforms.

Casey Gollan

UXR Ops Manager, IBM