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dscout for Retail

Get essential shopper feedback with dscout's research tools

Gather timely insights and make informed decisions with data you can trust.

Why choose dscout for retail businesses?

Get a clear picture of customer needs with flexible research that's online, in-store, in-aisle, and in-context.

Deep dive into consumer behavior

Observe and understand your customers' preferences, needs, and pain-points right where they’re at with our remote tools.

Flexible research methods

Get the right data on your timeline. Whether it's video diaries, surveys, or in-the-moment feedback, dscout offers a range of versatile research methods tailored to your specific retail needs.

Actionable data analysis

Transform raw data into actionable insights with ease. Our powerful analysis features help reduce your busy work and pave the way for data-driven decisions.

How retail businesses use dscout's research tools

Understanding shopping habits

Clothing companies use shopalongs to capture powerful real-life moments to better understand shopper habits, expectations, and motivations.

Product development

Consumer electronics companies gather feedback on prototypes, features, and user experiences to refine their products before launch.

Brand perception

Cosmetics brands conduct diary studies to gauge consumer sentiment toward new campaigns, packaging designs, and brand messaging.

Store layout optimization

Supermarket chains observe shopper navigation patterns to optimize store layouts, product placements, and signage for maximum sales impact.

“What dscout really told me was that there’s a wide array of buyer behavior. And it helped me hone in on the key elements that comprised the checkout experience.”

Emma Craig
UX Researcher @ Shopify

Ready to elevate your retail research?