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dscout for Finance

Set your financial solution apart by connecting with real people

Better understand your audience’s financial decisions to make informed business decisions with a research partner you can trust.

Why choose dscout for finance organizations?

To stay ahead in a dynamic industry, it is critical to have a pulse on how customers are behaving and evolving. With dscout’s advanced research tools, you can gather timely insights that keep you at the forefront of market trends, help improve customer experiences, and uncover new opportunities.

Consumer behavior analysis

Understand your audience's financial behaviors, preferences, and needs, and tailor your products/services to meet them at the right time.

Risk mitigation

Identify potential risks and opportunities early on through comprehensive market research, consumer feedback, and competitor analysis. Use your findings to make informed decisions that minimize risk and maximize returns.

Innovation without compromising privacy

Finance companies trust in dscout’s rigorous privacy and data storage standards (ISO 27001, SOC2, HITRUST, and more).

How finance companies utilize dscout's research tools

Customer experience enhancement

Retail banks use dscout to collect feedback on digital banking platforms, branch experiences, and customer service interactions to enhance overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Investment product development

Wealth management firms understand investor preferences by conducting interviews and surveys to design tailored features and capabilities for a digital app.

Market sentiment analysis

Trading firms leverage dscout to track market sentiment, news sentiment, and social media conversations to inform trading strategies and anticipate market movements.

Real-life use cases

Financial institutions utilize dscout to continually gather feedback on recently launched applications or physical products, including sentiments, usage, and real-life use cases.

“You can use dscout to capture things over time, but also capture these real-life moments of when things go right, when they go wrong, and then also use it as a tool for reflection.”

Emma Quinn
Senior UX Researcher @ Credit Karma

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