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dscout for Consumer Packaged Goods

Transform your CPG strategy with research you can rely on

Build a deeper connection with your consumers and provide the products they’ve been missing.

Why choose dscout for CPG organizations?

Gain insights that drive product innovation, enhance brand loyalty, and establish market leadership with dscout’s advanced research tools.

Consumer-centric approach

Strengthen your understanding of consumer motivations, preferences, and purchase drivers. Use robust insights to develop products and marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Product innovation

Gather feedback on product concepts, features, and packaging designs to cater your offerings to meet evolving consumer needs and expectations.

Brand perception

Monitor brand sentiment, track competitor activity, and identify emerging trends to inform branding strategies and maintain relevance in the competitive CPG landscape.

How CPG companies utilize dscout's research tools

IHUT in a remote world

The store is just one small part of the story. See into people’s homes, their cabinets, the real places your products live. And see how they use them in real-life moments.

Market expansion

Personal care brands leverage dscout to assess market opportunities, consumer preferences, and distribution channels to inform expansion strategies into new markets or product categories.

Promotional campaign optimization

Household goods manufacturers gather feedback on advertising concepts, messaging, and promotional offers to optimize marketing campaigns and maximize ROI.

Consumer behavior insights

Pet care companies track pet owner behaviors, purchasing habits, and preferences through diary studies and in-the-moment feedback to tailor product offerings and marketing messages.

“In addition to being able to speak to consumers across the country from our office, dscout’s panel allows us to save on recruiting costs—which is huge. If you look at the number of projects we field on dscout, the cost savings, it’s incomparable.”

Hanna Ferguson
UX Researcher @ PetSafe

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