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Research ideas

Learn and establish group traits with personas and segmentation research

Understand and validate different preferences, experiences, and needs across a larger user base.

Ways to use

Persona and segmentation research with dscout helps you identify group traits and uniqueness to build more personalized experiences

Find personas' distinctiveness

Identify common traits, behaviors, and pain points to tailor your efforts and better meet the needs of users with similar qualities. Use your findings to provide more personalized and effective solutions.

Validate potential segments

Understanding the diverse needs of each segment can help you design products and services that cater to specific niches. Ultimately creating a more defined and targeted concept for each group.

Test concepts with different groups

Run a concept test and compare reactions across segments/personas to gather insights into specific challenges and preferences. Allowing for more user-centric decision-making.

Participant grouping

Target specific participant cohorts based on their unique characteristics. You can create screeners and groups prior to launch and efficiently analyze findings by exporting and comparing the data criteria of each group.

“We can never lose sight of what our user’s needs are and how we can help solve their problems.”

Key Features

All the tools you need for personas and segmentation research

Clearly communicate with your audience, design better products, and create a more effective business strategy with dscout. With our full suite of persona and segmentation tools, easily make data-driven decisions and enhance the experience for all of your users.

Moderated interviews

One-on-one conversations allow you to better understand your users’ needs, challenges, and behaviors. Afterward, compare and contrast findings across the entire user base to identify patterns and nuances. Ultimately creating a comprehensive understanding of your audience.

Card sorting

Understand how each persona/user thinks and categorizes ideas to refine mental models, assign hierarchy, and prioritize content based on their preferences. Ultimately creating a tailored experience for each persona or segment.

Diary studies with activity

Explore user experiences over an extended period, gaining in-depth insights into each segment or persona. Understand how different users navigate various situations to inform product design and strategy.

Target your audience

Ensure diversity in experiences, profiles, and opinions by leveraging more than 80 targeting attributes. Save valuable time and resources by tailoring dscout's participant pool to meet your specific research needs.

Selfie-style videos

See individual perspectives in full detail, real-time, and their own voice via selfie-style videos. Get rich context by capturing nuanced details that may be missed through other methods and discover what you don't know about each persona.

Stim prompts

Use stimuli to gauge multiple personas' reactions, identifying trends and patterns. Enhance product iterations based on real-time feedback and ensure that each version aligns with the expectations and preferences of diverse user segments.

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