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dscout for Tech

Scale your organization with human insights at the helm

Build the right products for the right people with a research partner you can trust.

Why choose dscout for tech organizations?

Across prototype testing, competitive analysis, usability testing, and more—dscout’s flexible research tools provide high-quality insights into tech user experiences.

User-centric design insights

Gain unparalleled insights into how users interact with your software or tech product. Explore everything across initial product-market fit, onboarding, ongoing use, loyalty, and more.

Agile research methods

From usability testing to concept validation, dscout helps you get in the field quickly to gut-check concepts and avoid development risk.

In-depth market understanding

Dive deep into market trends, competitor analysis, and emerging technologies to inform your product roadmap and strategic decisions.

How tech companies use dscout's research tools

User experience optimization

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies conduct remote usability studies to identify pain points, usability issues, and feature preferences among their target users.

Beta testing and feedback

Mobile app startups recruit beta testers through dscout to gather real-time feedback on new features, performance, and overall user satisfaction.

Market validation

SaaS startups use dscout to validate market demand, assess competitor offerings, and identify niche opportunities before entering new markets.

Product roadmap alignment

Software development firms leverage dscout to align their product roadmap with user needs, preferences, and emerging market trends.

“Using dscout was one of the best ways I’ve been able to involve stakeholders in the process. I could give designers, engineers, and PMs access so that they could also communicate directly with participants through comments.”

Meghan Earley
Design Researcher @ Dropbox

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