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dscout for Healthcare

Hear directly from patients with a trusted, secure research platform

Refine your roadmap and ensure your products meet your patients' (or clinicians') needs with rich, human-centric insights.

Why choose dscout for healthcare organizations?

Better understand patient and medical staff behaviors and experiences, enhance care delivery, and improve healthcare outcomes with a full suite of innovative research tools.

Patient-centered insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of patient needs, preferences, and treatment journeys, enabling you to design patient-centric care experiences that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-time feedback

Collect real-time patient feedback to gain insights into treatment effectiveness, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction. Utilize the data to make informed decisions to improve care quality.

Empathetic innovation without compromising privacy

Healthcare companies trust in dscout’s HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, ISO 27001, SOC2, and more for true human-centricity in understanding patients’ needs.

How healthcare organizations utilize dscout's research tools

Patient experience optimization

Hospital systems use dscout to gather feedback on patients' journey from appointment scheduling to discharge. The data collected can be utilized to enhance patient satisfaction by identifying areas for improvement.

Clinician and staff experience

Improving healthcare isn't only about patients: healthcare workers need great UX as well. Teams use dscout to iterate their systems to improve efficiency, innovate their tools, and transform healthcare.

Healthcare access studies

Community health organizations conduct diary studies to better understand barriers to healthcare access, transportation challenges, and socioeconomic factors impacting health outcomes, enabling it to develop targeted interventions and support services.

Telehealth adoption

Healthcare providers use dscout to gather feedback on telehealth experiences, technology usability, and patient satisfaction to optimize virtual care delivery and enhance patient engagement.

“With the dscout's mobile Live interviews, you could tell folks felt comfortable sharing moments, experiences, and impressions more freely. There was a sense of intimacy and safety that's critical to what we're building.”

Joann Park
Director of Audience Development and Publishing @ Headspace

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