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dscout for Transportation

Steer your roadmap in the right direction with a research partner you can trust

Drive innovation and improve travel or logistics strategies.

Why choose dscout for transportation companies?

Better understand passenger needs and pain points on the road, in the air, and on the go with the industry’s most flexible and powerful research tools.

Flexible research methods

Explore customer preferences, behaviors, and experiences through flexible research methods like qualitative interviews and usability testing. Use your insights to design transportation services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Intercept feedback in a remote world

Collect valuable insights anywhere you need them. Gather real-time customer feedback across commutes, airline travel, car purchasing, and ride-share experiences.

Safety and efficiency optimization

Identify potential hazards, streamline processes, and implement effective safety measures to ultimately enhance safety protocols and operational efficiency.

How transportation companies use dscout's research tools

Public transit optimization

Public transportation agencies use dscout to gather feedback on transit experiences, route preferences, and accessibility challenges to optimize service routes and schedules.

Ride-hailing service improvement

Ride-hailing companies leverage dscout to collect passenger feedback on driver behavior, loyalty programs, and app usability to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

Airline passenger experience enhancement

Airlines conduct diary studies to understand passenger expectations, inflight preferences, and travel anxieties to tailor inflight services and amenities for a more comfortable travel experience.

Autonomous vehicle development

Tech companies developing autonomous vehicles use dscout to gather feedback on vehicle usability, safety perceptions, and passenger trust to inform design iterations and deployment strategies.

“With dscout, user experience research and qualitative methods have been adopted strongly at Uber because we help tell the story of what’s happening behind those numbers.”

Molly Stevens
Director of User Experience Research @ Uber

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