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Get the in-depth user insights you rely on, all in one place

dscout’s suite of tools (Diary, Live, Express, and Recruit) is your one-stop shop for all of your experience research needs.

Whether you need moderated or unmoderated, foundational or evaluative, quick turn or longitudinal—we can help with all this and more.

Trusted by world's most innovative companies

Customers interact with United's products just about everywhere; at home, in the airport, and at 30,000 ft. dscout's tools allow us to collect in-the-moment feedback no matter where customers are in their journey

Megan Keach
Sr. User Experience Researcher, United

Users expect more. Evolve your user experience.

Recruit from a pool of 100,000+ highly-engaged participants

Our quality scout pool represents all US states, demographics, ethnicities, gender identities, age ranges, and income brackets to ensure you have a balanced sample.

Source in-context or synchronous participant videos

With our Diary tool, participants can send videos of their organic, in-the-moment product experiences. Use this to better understand your audience, test concepts and products, map user journeys, and more—all on a timeline that works for both you and your participants.

Connect with participants face-to-face

Live is our 1:1 moderated interview tool built by researchers, for researchers. Recruit and automatically schedule participants, invite observers, take notes, and make impactful highlight reels. All without having to switch between various tools and tabs.

Four tools. One scout pool. Limitless applications.

Your go-to resource for prototype and concept testing, competitive analyses, journey mapping, and beyond—our suite of flexible, powerful research tools ensures every project is a cut above the rest and your results drive organizational impact.

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