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Discover why dscout is trusted by leading companies for their research needs. Explore how our platform enables everything from quick-turn surveys and usability testing to moderated live interviews and diary studies.

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At dscout, we're proud to be the go-to platform for human-centered research. We are best known for our unique combination of quality participants, ease of use, flexible fielding for any timeline or sample size needed, and the ability to bring insights to life for stakeholders across our customers’ organizations.

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The pool of participants are great, the tagging system is flexible and super helpful, and they now have the option to run usability tests (in addition to the live interviews, surveys, and diary studies). Videos are automatically transcribed. They also will handle incentives (as long as you have a credit card or balance on file), for 10% of the incentive. And the support staff are all friendly, helpful, and respond quickly.

I love the support from the dscout team. It's also really nice to be able to have all aspects of the project in one place....not many platforms have such a holistic project setup available for researchers. The convenience of having all these research tools in one place and having on-call help from dscout makes this platform invaluable…I'm convinced dscout is likely the best platform of its kind.

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Quotes from The Forrester Wave™: Experience Research Platforms, Q2 2023 Report


Capabilities that stretch into multimodal moderated and unmoderated studies.


dscout excels in customer-centered innovation, expert professional services, and substantive expert knowledge via its People Nerds blog.

Participant quality

[dscout’s] specialty is the quality of its study participants…including the proprietary ‘expressiveness’ filter designed to ensure researchers can identify engaged participants before asking them to participate in their studies.

Ease of use

...designed for flexibility and ease of use by research practitioners and research novices alike. [It’s] a great fit for organizations that want to perform deep research on a user-friendly platform.

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Duolingo, Microsoft, Shopify, Brooks Running, and more are powering their research programs with dscout. Take an inside look at how some of the world’s most innovative companies have leveled up their research with dscout’s all-in-one research platform.

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