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UserZoom vs. dscout

Bring human-centered insights back to your research

Unleash the potential of user research with dscout—don't settle for low-quality insights or limited usability focus. Dive deep into real-life human experiences and capture rich insights with dscout’s comprehensive and intuitive research tools.

Why people choose dscout over UserZoom

Participant quality

Save time and money by avoiding low-quality responses and re-running research. Find participants who provide meaningful insights the first time around.

Research flexibility

Easily switch between foundational, generative, and evaluative methods (or combine them). Design custom studies that fit your unique research needs and objectives.

Ease of use

You deserve a research platform that’s actually user-friendly. Built by researchers for researchers, dscout’s platform is intuitive and easy to use throughout the research lifecycle.

Don’t take our word for it

We needed participants that matched very specific demographics. dscout provided us a diverse panel that met our requirements.

“Easy to use. Easy to recruit via panel. Easy to analyze data by flipping through lots of qual + images quickly, tagging, highlighting, etc. Using dscout generates AWESOME data — compelling in-moment videos and responses that you can use to create great deliverables. The team is amazing!”

Learn more from the G2 Crowd comparison between dscout and UserZoom

Core capabilities list

dscout’s experience research helps you capture high-quality human insights from in-context moments with the industry’s most flexible and powerful research tools.

Core capabilities

dscout vs. UserZoom

Ability to use hybrid participant approach (BYO, platform-provided, 3rd party) with no extra fees

Automated & custom participant management options (scheduling, reminders, progress tracking, filters, tags, groups, etc.)

Video screeners to identify participant quality before your research starts (AKA participant audition tape)

Single platform that supports foundational, generative, and evaluative studies

Run research without limits on the number of concurrent studies and participants

Support for usability testing

Collaborative research through silent observers, comments, chat, and @ mentions

Global presence of participant pool

Friendly, intuitive user interface

Dedicated research advisor and account manager to provide support from designing, programming, reviewing, onboarding, fieldwork management, and incentive processing

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