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The Human Insights Platform

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Turn your customer-centricity goal into a scalable research plan with software that makes it easier to unearth insights from data.

Tools for the complete product lifecycle


The best experiences start with a north star. Create and launch research that aligns your teams and reduces rework.


Discover the context of your experience to clarify journeys, sharpen personas, and benchmark your products.


See how your experiences perform in the wild, testing, refining, and optimizing for what's around the corner.

Recruit + Field

Control, quality, and flexibility

Source the participants (or bring your own) and choose between moderated and unmoderated methods, including usability, interviews, and longitudinal work.

Manage + Analyze

All-in-one and just what you need

Centralized dashboards keep research on-schedule, while insights are a click away with tags, transcripts, and notes.


Build buy-in with user empathy

Activate your insights, whether through eye-opening shareouts or first-hand exposure to your research designs.

dscout helps non-researchers empathize with our users. The platform enables us to capture the voice of the customer and share their perspectives organizationally.

Dilip Bhatia
Chief Customer Experience Officer

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