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Compass Runs Quick-Turn, High-Stakes Concept Tests on Tight Timelines with dscout

Ideally, you have a few weeks to run concept tests. When Compass Digital needed to speed things up, their teams turned to dscout.

Compass Digital Labs (CDL) works at the intersection of hospitality and technology.

Their suite of apps are offered to three core sectors: healthcare, higher education, and business and industry. Each app is focused on getting customized, healthy meals for users in those sectors—be they college students, hospital staff, other working professionals.

“There was a need to redesign the core app.” User Research Lead William Georg explains. “So, the designers created three alternative versions of the product, which we needed to test.”

Product Design created the three unique concepts and presented them to William and his team member, Sanaz Hafezi. He proposed two weeks of testing; however he learned that they would have far less time to explore the different design concepts.

In the spirit of cross-functional collaboration, all teams involved doubled down on their efforts and made a plan that would work with the time they had allotted; dscout was a huge enabler in allowing them to adhere to the tight timelines.

How they did it

While the prototypes were being developed, William and his team set to work recruiting.

“I started recruiting partially with dscout,” he explains. “We wanted to test with 12 users. Six non-users of our products and six current users—who we’d already had recruited. We put them in separately and onboarded them with dscout.”

To conduct and record all of these research sessions in time, the team turned to dscout Live for remote interviewing. They also found creative ways to stack tasks.

“As we were recruiting and going through screeners, our researcher was already preparing her analysis templates,” William says. “Eventually, she built an hour in between sessions to input the data from the previous session into the analysis sheet.”

Assisted by the herculean effort of the researcher, the team was able to test and analyze their results with days to spare.

“[Our UXR] completed everything, and she told a good story about what needed to be done for each part of the product and what components to consider,” William recalls. “She delivered her report within four days after she finished the last session. She created this insane workflow that enabled her to work super-fast. And a lot of it was basically enabled and powered by dscout.”

In the end, testing with dscout empowered them to create a hybrid design that compiled the best aspects of the three initial concepts.

​​“dscout has been really great at helping us recruit and collect data,” William says. “Some of the reasons why it’s been so helpful is because we are given a certain amount of time to do everything and we need to come up with insights.”

“The more I can shorten the time it takes me to recruit people and plan the research, the more time I have to do the rest—analysis, synthesis, good storytelling, and good design.”

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