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Empathy Design Runs International Studies at Scale with dscout

Empathy Design leverages a dscout subscription for triangulation, quickly sourcing the right participants and capturing key moments at scale.

Empathy Design is a human-centered design agency that works primarily with New-Zealand-based companies targeting U.S. customers.

The team uses dscout to scale its in-person research in the states and triangulate alongside surveys and immersions, getting candid looks into the real lives of its target audience, without those companies needing to leave the island.

Asking people to self-report in focus groups, remote interviews or surveys is never as accurate as seeing what they really do—but in-person ethnography is expensive and doesn’t scale easily, especially when it’s overseas.

While the team would love to be in the field all the time, dscout allows Empathy Design to run international studies at a larger scale than their research team would otherwise be able to afford. The team uses dscout to triangulate its research, and to capture more moments than they can just through in-person immersion.

Participants are so much less self-conscious on dscout. They’re hanging out and talking to you, and they’re getting super real. My clients are amazed—they can’t get over the fact that people will do this.

Ann Pistacchi-Peck
Design Research Lead of Empathy Design

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