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Get the in-context data you need to make better, user-centered decisions

A flexible tool built for more than just diary studies

Prototype feedback, competitive analysis, in-the-wild product discovery, field work supplementations, shopalongs. There’s no limit to the methodologies teams harness with Diary.

Fieldwork quality insights made affordable and agile

Press “go” on your study, then return to the platform with results waiting. Diary gets you immersive data that participants submit "in-the-moment," and that you can review on your own time.

Take impactful action items from challenging research questions

dscout findings are built for impact. Harness powerful in-platform analysis tools to tag, filter, and synthesize with ease. Share with your stakeholders and engender empathy with intimate video responses.

From launch, to field, to deliverable with ease

Pull out your most articulate participants with our machine-learning-based “expressiveness” feature. Compile video highlight reels within the platform. dscout Diary is packed with features that make it easy to distill large quantities of data into your most critical insights.

dscout in action

dscout Diary answers your thorniest “whys?” with concrete “what nows.”

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