Get insights.
In depth. In context. 

dscout Diary shows you people’s experiences, in context and as they happen, via the one thing they have handy 24/7— their smartphones.

dscout Diary is new and improved for 2018, with more flexible research design, easier scout management, and speedier insights. Learn more here!

How Diary works

dscout Diary gives you a front row seat to the moments that matter.

  1. Design

    Design and program "missions" where real people capture their everyday experience on their mobile devices.

  2. Recruit

    Find the right participants from our pool of +100K "scouts" all over the US and the world. Or bring your own participants.

  3. Field

    Scouts share meaningful moments from everyday life. View entries as they are shared and engage with scouts via app.

  4. Analyze & Share

    Review all your in-context entries. Tag and bookmark responses. Discover and share your insights.

Agile is for 
research design, 

Building studies is flexible and easy in dscout. Skip the shared doc—just jump straight into our mission builder. Invite your colleagues and stakeholders to review or help with research design.

Agile is for research design, too!
Get into the field quickly, with confidence

Get into the field 
quickly, with confidence

Easily test iterations with your team so you’ll know exactly how your study is going to look and sound to your participants.

authentic moments 
as they happen

During each mission, scouts share multiple relevant, in-context experiences via video, photos, and text. Watch them roll into your dashboard in real time.

Witness authentic moments as they happen
Communication tools to help you keep things moving

Communication tools 
to help you 
keep things moving

You’ll never get lost in a participant’s inbox. Monitor, message and follow-up with scouts as they complete your tasks, all within the platform and mobile app.

Build your story 
and share 
the moments

Powerful analytic tools help you synthesize data faster. Easily collaborate with teammates to distill your story, discover insights, and share with stakeholders.

Build your story and share the moments

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