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How Dscout turns insights into action for a large health organization

Brian Graziano, Director of Service Design, Colleen Pate, Customer and Community Marketing Manager @ dscout

Brian Graziano, the Director of Service Design at a prominent health organization in the U.S., highlights the transformative impact Dscout had on their approach to service design.

Brian’s team needed a partner to get in front of patients quickly and efficiently. With Dscout, he’s been able to reduce the manual processes in favor of streamlined, automated workflows to easily schedule and facilitate live interviews.

The team has been able to transform their research insights into actionable outcomes by bringing customers’ insights to life for stakeholders outside the service design team, while also providing a seamless interview experience for research participants. Partnering with Dscout has enabled one team member to manage what used to require his whole team, saving their valuable time and resources. See what he has to say here.

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