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Make analysis fun again

dscout combines machine learning with powerful and intuitive features to make analysis more about storytelling and less about sifting and searching.

Analyze at your level

Whether it’s across entire research activities, specific questions, or just one participant, drill into what matters most to your project and insight needs.

Automatic and manual

Automated transcripts, word clouds, and expressiveness filters let you start surfacing the most meaningful trends faster and with more confidence.

Integrated with your workflow

Whether it’s Figma, Miro, or Slack, easily move your data into the platform where you work best. Or keep everything in dscout for a central repository.

Headspace had everyone from Content to Science watching scout videos for democratized analysis that avoided siloed thinking.

dscout’s analysis suite helps get your insights activated

Interactive word clouds

Automated transcription

Sortable, exportable bar charts

Response-level tagging

Collaborative comments

Video highlight reels

Highlightable quotations

Customizable cross-tabs

Faster insights = greater impact and buy-in

dscout AI starts with speeding up analysis. Business demands research to move fast, and analysis takes the most time. Think of our AI as a research assistant giving you a jumping off point for your insights.

Next Up

Move from insights to impact

With highlight reels, integrations, and democratization tools, bring your stakeholders into the work and watch the organization take action on your learnings.