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Run research on your timeline

dscout’s versatile toolset offers unprecedented access to real-world human experience whenever, however, and wherever.

One platform, three approaches


Blend quantity and quality for powerful insights in less than 48 hours.

Whether it’s usability testing or media-rich surveys, our fast feedback solution is perfect for testing early concepts, quick pulse checks, and more.


The research interview tool built for researchers, by researchers.

Automatic transcription, scheduling, silent observers, stim, note taking (and more) let you focus on the conversation and not the platform.


Capture key moments as they happen, where they happen, over time.

Mix the light lift of unmoderated designs with the depth of qualitative. Perfect for journey maps, omnichannel impressions, or personas.

Adaptable approaches

Choose the method that’s best for your goals and timelines, whether that’s unmoderated or moderated.


Create custom research designs with quantitive and qualitative prompts to maximize your customer learnings.

Go big (or small)

Flexible fielding puts you in control of the sample, study length, and activity moments your customers share.

Lenovo combined Diary and Live to surface critical product touch point trends and then conduct follow-up deep dives to share concepts…in the same study.

Next Up

Streamline research ops for faster, deeper insights

Less busywork means more analysis and storytelling (you know, the fun parts).